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A tailored approach to the distribution of Accessories & Footwear collections on behalf of leading brands or master licenses. Our goal is to build long term mutually beneficial relationships in the relevant distribution channels.

Since 2004, we have positioned ourselves as a leader in our industry. Our team expertise allows us to honor our commitments toward France & International networks : exclusive and multibrand textile boutiques, Grands Magasins Bon Marché, Galeries Lafayette and Printemps, leather goods chains, shoe store networks, sport chains, independents, travel retail stores and e-commerce. These distribution channels account for nearly 1,000 retail clients.



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"Since 2004, the Company Group teams have done great work, with which we are fully satisfied. So we plan each season with great serenity, thanks to a long-time trust."–Patrice Boydron, CEO Esprit France